Digital Recipe Book 540 Recipes


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Completely modernize your kitchen and cooking experience with a mess free and easily manageable Digital Recipe book that wont get damaged by Spills in the kitchen and can be kept perfect for years to come. Now you can be the messy cook in the kitchen.

You can use this Recipe Book on any IOS or Android device with the apps such as Good notes or Xodo.

The Digital Recipe book comes with 540 blank recipe cards hyperlinked to 12 Categories allowing for 45 recipes per Category. each category is completely customizable.

This Digital Recipe book comes with 6 Bonus pages such as:

1. Meal Plan
2. Shopping
3. Notes
4. Lined Page
5. Grid page
6. Measurements Conventions.

The Digital Recipe books comes with a cute color scheme with the following colors:
1. Blue
2. Green
3. Pink
4. Grey

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Happy Planning with your new recipe Book!!